The Standard

Here is the video that was made for The Standard, the youth group.  It turned out very well and I thank my friend Bryson LaCasse for the help with it!  He killed it!



On Sunday May 13th we will be doing baby dedications.  We love our families and parents and we want to offer them the chance of dedicating their babies that Sunday.  Be sure to sign up in time to make sure you reserve your spot and Pastor Derrick knows you will be there.

Graduation Recognition

For all the graduates for this coming spring we would like to recognize you on Sunday, April 29th.  Please have your information turned in by April 22nd.  We are so proud of all of you who will be graduating this spring!  Also we are praying over your future and know God has great plans for you all!

We Thank You!

Dream Team, we thank you for all that you do!  You all are some amazing and help out so much!

Don’t know what the Dream Team is?  Glad you asked because the Dream Team is a team full of all the awesome people at Northridge who help out in all aspects and areas that they can or want.  Some help out with the little ones in the nursery.  While some help with the sound board on Sundays and Wednesday nights.  If you’d like to learn more and maybe join the Dream Team come and visit the info booth in the main hall.  We will get you involved!

Almost Summer

It is spring time and hopefully getting warmer here in Tennessee!  Eventually, with it being warmer there will be more and more events at Northridge church.  That being said we have lots already planned for this summer and so excited for whats to come!  You should come out and visit so you can get in to the know of whats coming!


This past Sunday was Easter Sunday and we were so glad to meet all the visitors that came out!  The visitors at Northridge are known as our VIP’s and we want to make sure they know it.  So if you ever come to Northridge and it is your first time please let some one know.  We won’t embarrass you we just want to make you feel welcomed!  Come give us a try on either a Sunday at 9:30 am or Wednesday night service at 6:30 pm.  Which on Wednesday nights we offer a service for the youth age and child care.  Hope to see you come out!